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Why do people blame white people for slavery when it was black people's fault?

for still being primitive hunter gatherers in the 1600s

its like c-mon advance already

the rest of the world had to go through long painful struggles to advance and black people get civilization thrust upon them thousands of years of advancement in a few hundred years they got to pay for that somehow they got to suffer just like everyone else did to make modern society slavery is just condensed suffering in short period payment for civilization hazing to be part of the club

so they got their hazing by slavery and now they are in and we can move on stop being butt hurt about it?

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    Because they cannot take self responsibility for their own actions.. Like Hillary Clinton and the Democrits.. THEY HAVE TO POINT THEIR FINGER and BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR EVERYTHING THEY think is bad.

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    Everybody had slavery. Africans had it. Middle Easterners had it. Europeans had it. Asians had it. After Christianity arrived most Europeans stopped enslaving each other for a while, but then started buying African slaves, which is part of how they rose to prominence. Pretty much all the big Empires of the ancient world rose on war and slavery.

    The Middle-east and parts of Asia are "the cradles of civilization" because that was where the best farming was, and where most farm animals were domesticated. Excess storable food from grain farming led to the development of non-farming classes (warriors, nobles, religious functionaries artisans). Farming spread from there into Europe and back into Africa (though there was also independent development of some farming as well) . Northern Europe, Northern Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa developed notable civilizations and empires later than the Mediterranean and  southern Asia, unfortunately the African empires of the Middle Ages collapsed, while Europe came through pretty unscathed and ascended to worldwide prominence.

    That's just history. Empires rise and fall. Rome fell and North-western Europe ascended after the Dark Ages and Middle Ages. The African Empires fell and new ones didn't have a chance to develop before Europe discovered them and began colonizing them. But before North-western Europe got all exiting, it had spent its existence on the fringes of important world events being called "barbarians" by everyone else, and being enslaved by them...Angles (Germanic) were very desirable as slaves in Rome and the Middle East. Pretty much just Rome and Greece had been major players. Then it was an upstart northern Europe vs the Islamic Empires, with the Ottoman Empire being the last of those to fall. After the world wars, western Europe never really recovered and America and Russia became the major world powers to contend with. And keep in mind that 300 odd years ago the U.S.A. didn't exist and 200 odd years ago Russia was a backward, feudal wasteland, it can happen that quickly) Now America may be in decline and China looks like it might rise and invest heavily in Africa. That might be a turning point for Africa, and a new power might arise there in the future.

    It was Europe that decided (twice, if you count the decline in intra-european slavery after Xtianity) that slavery was a bad thing and should be stopped, so we can hardly be mad at the black Americans for taking that to heart. We did teach them Christianity and all those ideas of liberal democracy and freedom, that were imported to America. But yes, the part other Africans (as well as the Islamic Empires) played in African slavery has been rather ignored and northern Europeans made out to be the big villains, which is hardly accurate or fair, given that Europeans also were the first to voluntarily give it up and abolish it, and voluntarily give up their colonies....believe me, other empires hung unto slavery and their captured territories until internal collapse or another empire pried them from their cold, dead hands

    But the descendants of the Islamic Empires gradually absorbed their former slaves, while America developed/continued racialism, eugenics and supremacy theories, and was never able to absorb or accept its former slaves. What's going on now isn't so much the legacy of slavery (or all the former Islamic empires would still be struggling with it too), as the legacy of the American inability to adapt afterwards.They will stop being "butthurt" (as you so eloquently put it) about slavery when the real problem of the continued lack of integration into America is resolved.

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    You're kind of right, but not for the reasons you think. 

    Slavery in Europe which used to be mostly intra-European (hence the word "slavery" tth trade of Slavic people) and circum-mediterranean, became African after the 16th century for religious and economic reasons. 

    The market already existed in Africa where slavery fuelled the local economy. The Europeans were just another buyer. 

    The estimations of enslaved Africans over the period of Atlantic Trade were:

    - 11 million sent to Americas and Caribbean 

    - 13 million to Arabia (neutered on arrival so they are not visible anymore) 

    - 17 million in other African countries 

    Civilization reached Africa 1000 to 2000 years after Middle-East post Neolithic city-states (Sumer...) and 3000 years before Europe. They built rich and powerful Kingdoms which later collapsed following Pharaohs Egypt. 

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    Always blame the buyers because without the demand, the market and the sellers wouldn't exist.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Because they are stupid and ignorant of African history where slavery was part of their culture.

  • Tasm
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    2 months ago

    The blacks who are butt hurt about are in a group called Black America. Most blacks are not in that group, they are average Americans. Black America, however, cry about being oppressed and want free handouts and constantly complain about being the victim. They also guilt other blacks into being part of their cause and try to yank them in because of their race.

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