I recently reinstalled windows 10 on my pc. But my pc seems slower than before. But I have decent specs. What is happening?

specs -

intel i7 4th gen

nvidia gt 730

16 gb ram

1tb hard drive

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  • cmac'm
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    2 months ago
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    Make sure everything is up to date and consider getting an ssd replacement drive if possible. A fresh windows install is always the best. Get drivers individually for your components or from the laptop manufacturer

    A similar thing happened to me on an old laptop i7 2nd gen that I still use. Samsung. I went from windows 7 to 10. It was noticeably slower. A couple of things happened I think. Drivers were not all supported

    I had a hybrid 1TB drive and the drivers got all wonky for it resulting in really slow boot and startup times-- like over 5 minutes until it was responsive. It works fine after starting up. I was never able to resolve the issue though.

    I did not do a fresh install, I updated and there were conflicts with windows 7- almost seemed like it was still running windows 7 on a windows 10 shell, I don't know, it confused me.

    Like someone else said, these computers(and their manufacturers)  weren't considering Win 10 when they made the software or hardware.

  • 2 months ago

    Have you updated the chipset/mainboard drivers and  downloaded the latest Windows 10 updates?  I would try there before moving onto the next steps. 

  • 2 months ago

    Your computer is 6 years old.  While Windows 10 is about 5 years old and the computer should take it, it didn't have Windows 10 in mind when it was manufactured.

    Another thing that may help is if you defragment the hard drive.  Installing a new OS will fragment a lot of files.  Cleaning those up could help a little.

  • 2 months ago

    Did you install all the drivers - You can normally download them from the manufacturers website of your system  - Or have you done a dual boot which means the old operating system may be running too.

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