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Is it safe to say that I'd rather be Canadian than American?

I'm American but I'm deeply ashamed of it. My country is past its prime; the lousy education, the rampant racism/white supremacy, the movies (apart from a few Steven Spielberg ones) and tv shows are absurd, the obesity, being led by an orange-complexioned demon, the citizens are either snobby pessimistic liberals (who put even Canadian liberals to shame) OR pig-ignorant conservatives. Not to mention, thanks to the bad leadership, my country is the epicenter of Covid19 (or the "Chinese Virus" as many people here put it).

Anyhow, I'm half Canadian (as my mom was born and raised in Montreal and moved to the US and married my American father), and half American. So I guess I'm a Canadian born on the other side of the border. We are often non-political, but when elections come around, we tend to be center-left. And we all detest Donald Trump. We're in a blue state too. I also have a relative who is Canadian and lives in Montreal.

I applaud the Canadians for handling the virus much better than us. And I admit that I'm disappointed that I can't visit Canada right now, but I'm patient and I'm certainly NOT an abrasive Covidiot.

Now I don't expect to get many Canadians' respect (I'm still another American to them, and they have a disdain for all American people), but that's okay.

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    I don't blame you. I love Canadians, Americans are okay, but their country is going down the drain fast, and the entire world knows it. People here dont even emigrate there anymore, they move to Canada or Australia.

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    Canada is unfortunately also a settler-colonial state with a genocidal history, but it's got better living conditions than the United States does and its people are less racist compared to the KKK USA.

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    The Canadians handled it well because they have a Prime Minister who actually has a heart and a brain. Sadly, the US doesn't have a leader with either.

  • 2 months ago

    Enjoy your high taxes and subpar health care.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's safe to say you are an angry troll. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Well, no one is stopping you.  One less mouth for us to feed. .

  • you do you bud 

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