What year did the Simpsons stop being a good show?

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    September 28, 1997.  The episode was Principal and the Pauper.  It's not necessarily the beginning nor the ending of the decline of the Simpsons, but it's usually pointed at as the signature sign that the show had already lost it's way and it was beginning to show more.

    What happened was that the Simpsons had three main creative forces, Groening, Brooks, and Simon.  The three of them were each integral to pushing for features that made the Simpsons more than just a collection of random gags, catch phrases and celebrity appearances...which is all it became.  They also put together a star studded writing staff, most famously Conan O'Brien was one of the writers before he got famous, but writers generally don't get famous and a lot of the early Simpsons writers became big deals as comedy writers in Hollywood.

    Leading up to season 8, the big three and the writing staff were beginning to leave to pursue other projects.  Their replacements were people who didn't 'get' the Simpsons, but were merely trying to keep the formula going.  And Principal and the Pauper demonstrates the complete disregard for the CHARACTER of Seymour Skinner, and the disrespect to the audience in pulling this nonsensical retcon, that has since become the hallmark of the show.  

    There's a youtube episode called Zombie Simpsons you should watch, he does a MILLION times better job of explaining it than I could.  

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    1 month ago

    When the writers stopped layering the episodes, reduced them to simple, traditional sitcom episodes. 

  • After the first 'Lisa' episode.

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    2 months ago

    When they got rid of apu.

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    2 months ago

    The same year South Park did.

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