2002 Ford Taurus ses theft light flashing?

I finally got my car ecu replaced everything works all the lights and I tried to start it it’s still not starting all the dashboard lights come on but the theft light flashing when I try to start it how do I get it to start anyone know ?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Probably has a chip key - meaning there is a small computer chip in the key and the ECU reads that chip to make sure the key is actually for your car. if the chip doesn't match, the ECU shuts down and refuses to let the engine run.

    Since you changed the ECU, you will need to get new keys with chips that match the new ECU. If the ECU was replaced by a dealership or reputable mechanic they should have done this. If you did it yourself, then its up to you to get it figured out.

    Keys aren't that expensive but you have to buy them from the Ford dealer or an authorized repair shop and have them programmed, which might mean you have to tow the car to the dealership. Make sure you tell them the ECU has been replaced because otherwise they'll go by the VIN number and the new keys might not work.

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