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Am I being conned? ?

I bought a brand new car with 0 km three years and 10 months ago. After I bought the car I realised it was imported car. I asked the shop I bought it from about warranty. I was told everything should be covered the same as cars bought in this country.

Today I have a problem with the AC system. I called the dealer and was asked to bring the car in for the warranty covers it. They  checked the problem and the found the problem being ac evaporator problem.

I was called and told I should pay for the cost because the car is imported from another country. What the hell am I missing? I have a warranty of 8 years in the hybrid battery. Should anything happen tomorrow shall I pay for it myself instead of being covered by the warranty? Any experience help will be appreciated. Thank you

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    Do you have a government run Fair Trading Dept? (We have one in Australia - I really hope you're in Australia) Contact them and see what your rights are.Push comes to shove - sometimes Current Affairs programs on TV like to cover stories like that - to highlight to other car buyers about what's going on and your/their rights. As soon as this happens, the car yard backs off really quickly because of the bad publicity. Good luck to you. I had a dealership rip me off as well. Goes to show - it's not just used car salesmen that rip people off!! 

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    I don't know what the truth is. 

    Read your warranty. 

    The evaporator is deep within the dash usually. 

    It will be an expensive job. 

    The first thing I would wonder is where the true problem is. 

    You need to understand what the warranty covers. 

    What if they tell you it's $1000? 

    Will you pay it? 

    I'm wondering why you don't identify your car or the place you bought it.  Did you buy it from an automotive dealership or a shop?  Which country do you reside in?

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    TROLL - You blew it when you said that you didn't know you were buying an imported car.  No one is that stupid.

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    Your story makes no sense...

    No cars are sold with 0 KM (or mileage).

    You would be lucky to get one with under 5 miles.  It has to drive out of the factory on to trucks or trains, moved around the dealership, previous test drives, etc.

    "I was told everything should be covered the same as cars bought in this country."

    = the car was bought in "this" country unless you moved countries since you purchased it.  You mean it was manufactured in another country.

    Is the warranty that you are using still the original car warranty?

    Call the warranty company and figure out the issue.

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    Never mind the dealer you bought it from.  Contact the office in America, the corporate office of Toyota or whatever it was.

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    Many 'American' cars in the USA are assembled somewhere else.  If you bought a new car from the local dealer, you have the right to a new car warranty.  If you bought it new from a dealer in the other country, then there may be problems .   I would ask to speak to the dealerships area representative.

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