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Were the olympic Judoka's that fought during the 90's better on the ground (newaza) than the olympians that are fighting today?    ?

During the 90's were there less restrictions in rules?? 

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  • Bon
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    2 months ago

    Not necessarily. 

    Rules not only within Olympic Judo, but Judo itself has changed several times in 150 years. You could even make the argument that before becoming an Olympic sport, the Judoka's were better because there was no weight class within Judo tournaments and weight class was only introduced in the 1964 Olympic games.  But that would be comparing apples to oranges.It all comes down to what you trained for. There are no rules in life that say someone who trained only for Olympic rule cannot re-train for non-Olympic tournaments, and visa versa. Nor does someone who is very good at non-Olympic sports cannot excel at an Olympic sport.

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