Are new Winchester 92 rifles good as an Collectible?

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  • 1 month ago
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    While they could be some decent rifles they aren't "collectable" on the same plane as originals. At this point, the Winchester 92 is a reproduction, made in Turkey under the FN umbrella. Again, fine guns in their own right, but too removed from originals. 

  • 1 month ago

    Collectible in terms of one day becoming a sought after relic.  More than likely no.  To many of them are produced.  Mass produced items are not very likely to become valuable collectors items.  Not saying it doesn't happen.  It just doesn't happen often.  As far as the Winchester 92 just being a good rifle to have in your collection of firearms.  Absolutely

  • Mr.357
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    1 month ago

    People collect all kinds of crap.  A Henry would be more collectable in general than a rifle made by someone else with the Winchester name stamped on it.

  • 1 month ago

    Listen Robert please. Now, many years ago, one of the larger chains had a bargain deal. A Winchester 94 .30-30 of course for only $200.00 NEW.  I certainly had no need or desire for one BUT for $200 (?) I went to buy one.

    VERY disappointing. The action was TERRIBLE. Have you ever handled an old one ? A nice well built rifle in fact. BUT this new one was all catchy and clacky. A disgrace compared to what they used to be.

    SO happens they also had the Marlin 336 for the same deal. I asked to see a couple of those to choose. The Marlin was tremendously better made. Of course I did not buy either however.

    The new Winchester Lever guns are not even a shadow of what they used to be. I suggest finding the coveted Pre 1964 Winchester if you want a REAL Winchester as they were once upon a time. THAT IS COLLECTABLE.

    The iconic guns are the ones to collect, not the scrap of what looks like they used to be.

    However, For the money, of a real Winchester 92 .... please look at the Savage model 99. MUCH more collectable.

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