I really need serious help with spirit activity in apartment! ?

First of all, no jokes, rude or stupid comments please. Take it elsewhere. 

I am completely stopping communication with spirits, that I have communicated off and on for a good 10 years now. 

This includes with my deceased Mother, who through communication, I have learned where she was sent to in afterlife. Hell.

I found my Mother deceased on her bedroom floor when I was 15- she will obviously be most upset with this.

But, I am terrifyingly, alone. I know spirits, especially bad,evil can do some major damage, one is making you totally alone. 

Help me please. I have been to different Churches, paranormal teams, etc with nothing able to help me. Or willing to.

This morning, I woke up to the dial to my oven turned on,  on it's own....I never even have used the oven at all in my apartment, ever. Also, Bixby the Samsung assistant, turned on all by itself ( you have to press a button on the phone for it to turn on) on my phone that wasn't even close to me. I am really getting scared here, I know they are doing this. 

If anyone knows of an Exorcist, please tell them to contact me.

Bad spirits can actually kill someone.

Thank you! 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You did some things right. Your mother isn't there and never was in the afterlife.  We don't transcend that way.  By condemning the entity that you called your mother, you most likely condemned the Sabien demon and you will not have to suffer the cuts that it leaves.  This is the same entity that deceives the followers of Christ by saying she is the mother of Jesus.  So an exorcism of the property is more likely what you need.  It is only your vain pride that keeps you attached to these demons.  The spirit of God knows no evil.  You don't know them or even where they came from.  Only Satan knows his children and his children know him.  You call on your father to save you if you know these evils.  We are saved by a Gift from the father who is in heaven, and his name is Jesus.  Your confusion will only serve as a betrayal to those that want and can help you.  Cleanse your mind first from the evil.  Turn away from the evil and turn to God in the name of Jesus who has precious promises for you if you only turn to him.

  • Mr. P
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    10 years and you get freaked out by things being turned on by themselves. I would consider that normal around here.

     Yes it gets annoying, but you can always ask them to stop doing it.

    - and get out more. You tend to meet more people when you just go to the park or beach or take up an activity or sport. Sitting at home all evening is not a good way to meet people.

  • Tom
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    1 month ago

    I find most places that are claimed to be "Haunted" or "Have spirit presences" often have so kind of an environmental factor near by that causes a certain sense of "dread" or "unease" in those who live in the location.----Which can serve as a great psychological "set -up" when something else unusual may happen.  

    Most often the factor may be stray electric or magnetic fields, originating, naturally below in the Earth itself  or an artificial source--like high voltage power lines or equipment---or a house wiring flaw.-----In extreme cases, they can cause not only "feelings" but hallucinations, and memory problems too.

    Already being traumatized by a pre existing mental shock, many of these things can combine to form all sorts of effects.  Mental and Physical, especially when electrical devices are involved.  

    There are also religious factors here.---most people involved with "spirit" matters do not believe in "Hell" as an "Afterlife"---Indeed "Hell, in scripture, refers to "The (Default) Realm of the dead", or the dwelling place of "demons" rather than a "place of punishment" (Translated as HELL in the Bible from the Nordic Hel, the, Hades-Like, "dead realm"  where everybody goes when they die.) a fact even many religious Christians miss.   The Jesus thing is he prevents you from going to the dead realm and live an after life with HIM instead.--------So I am suspicious whenever "Hell" is brought up, certainly some misunderstanding of something.

    No judgements here or insults intended.  I think you need to do TWO things FIRST have the house area checked out for stray electromagnetic fields (People do this) originating from bad wiring, or defective appliances.  Any Earth based stuff likely will be detected too, and also look around and make sure that there are NO HIGH TENSION powerlines near your house or even OVER it.---Combine this with some mental therapy or psychological help.---My best bet is a combination of factors are going on, and once you realize what it is, it will all BOTHER you LESS.

  • 1 month ago

    I simply can't work out this post. You have been happily chatting with these spirits for ten years but one presses a button on your oven and now all hell breaks loose? Why did you not simply ask them why they touched your belongings? You found your mother dead and she will not be pleased about this? Your chance to have a full blown chat but she says "I'm in hell and you said "ok" with no follow up? "one is making "you" totally alone" That little bit there has just stomped all over your story. You suddenly forget you are talking about your own experience, not ours. A Freudian slip possibly due to you being used to answering questions for others, maybe on here. Paranormal teams did not want to help you? That is because they are seeing what I see. "  I am terrifyingly, alone" That is your problem and just as lonely children invent invisible friends, your need for company has made you do the same thing. When people are stressing out, their memories suffer. You quite possibly switched on your own items as you strive for company in an empty house. You are in need of a doctor, not a paranormal investigator. If you do see a doctor, don't tell him that you want to talk about "cognitive behavioural therapy." as suggested on here. Just let the doctor hear what you have told us and let him decide

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  • Gary K
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    1 month ago

    You are seeking help in the wrong places.  Talk to your doctor about cognitive behavioural therapy. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I doubt you'll find any answers satisfactory, bcuz you're seriously confused. One, you are wrong about your mother. She is not "in hell," bcuz it doesn't exist (in terms of OUR understanding) and she would not be able to contact you if so. Two, spirits cannot kill anybody, nor would they want to, so believing that is a red flag there's a lot more psychological going on than paranormal. Also, you're contradicting yourself by saying you want to "cut off" all contact, but then saying you're terrified of being alone & that spirits can make you alone..? That is categorically false - being alone is totally your own doing.

    You need to accept that you were not to blame for your mother's death. She chose her own path and you couldn't have done anything to change that. She would never persecute or harm her own child, so again, that's a facet of your own unresolved grief & emotional trauma.

    I'd suggest you see a therapist about those issues. However, acknowledging that's not likely (bcuz you're not ready to admit it), the other option is to find a genuine, qualified medium. They can explain these matters & hopefully straighten out your misconceptions. Try the referral list from Windbridge or Family Forever Foundation to find a certified medium, not some 'psychic fair' hack. I worked a prof medium for over 10 yrs, so I speak from experience.

  • 1 month ago

    You can google for methods of repelling ghosts.

    Start with sage, salt, white roses.

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