How to wake up at the time you want everyday without fail ?

Today I turned up half an hour late for work. I show up just to be bored in a dead end robot working for a store managers financial gain and a puppet to a store. I suffer from sleep inertia and insomnia. The lockdown and heat are not helping at all. I take sertraline, kind of helps me sleep more peacefully. It’s just falling asleep and waking up. Being asleep is never a problem. But it’s been a battle for many many years; I’m turning 22 and people are like what the **** is wrong with me. The days I am on time are never mentioned but when I’m late once 5 months later it’s like “you’re always late”. It’s not just for work even on my days off. Mornings are the worst thing in human existence. By the evening I’m loving life and want to do everything I want to do at 8am at 12pm. How the **** do I fix this to finally improve the punctuality, professionalism and happiness in my lifestyle. 



Update 2:

Exercise is also close to impossible In the morning I am peak performance afternoon onwards 

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