What is your personal understanding of how Applied Behavior Analysis works as a therapy for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder? ?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of accessing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and creating a program that enhances the child's social skills, living skills, learning abilities and more. The Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy places the child in a stable environment where they can comfortably practice their communication skills and daily routines. The therapy helps  the children developing their critical thinking skills by creating routine and giving them references to pull from on their day-to-day obstacles. Furthermore, ABA aids children in reaching their fullest potential and becoming undetectable around peers.


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  • 2 months ago

    huh?  is this supposed to be an ad for services?

    unless it have improved in the last 10 years, it used to be run by poorly trained and supervised aides who didn't really know what they were doing....

    done wrong, it can be very abusive.....good ABA works toward practical skills that are applicable to the specific child...for example, if a kid really hates building with blocks, it is not necessary to include that as a task completion activity, but abusive programs would....as long as there are a variety of other activities, no reason to force an activity with no practical application when it causes distress.

  • martin
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    2 months ago

    The patient with Autism will see that his or her behavior is normal most of the time, and can be encouraged to be more confident.

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