Do I have diabetes?

Dont have $$ for the dr with this covid and all...

But I’ve been feeling weird and off recently, weak, low energy, heart feels “heavy”.. Went to the dr for the heart already and she said it seemed fine. I’ve been really thirsty and peeing a lot, (diabetes signs) but my blood pressure is usually about 115/70 and just did my blood glucose for once and it was 70mg/dL, which I heard is good for fasting.......

If my blood sugar is ok is this still diabetes or something else??

I do have anxiety, but I haven’t been watching the news often (on purpose) so I’m not as affected as everyone else by the media...


I know I feel “off” but I have no idea why... I felt like this 2yrs ago, the weakness but not the heavy heart, and they tested me for anemia then but I didnt have it... 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You could have pre-diabetes.

    Are you overweight or obese. That can make you diabetic. Are you exercising enough. Diabetes II is preventable if you exercise and keep your weight under control. Do you have a family history of diabetes. That can add to your chance of getting it. Are you drinking lots of sugary drinks like soda or fruit juices. Those can have a lasting effect. 

    Have you seen your optometrist recently. He should be able to tell if you’re diabetic just by looking at the back of your eyes. If you’re diabetic, there’s a silver layer in the back of your eyes. 

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