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Stuck keyboard keys?

Hello, this might sound like a question that is easy to google, but perhaps my google-fu is fubar, and in my experience, it has been a terribly difficult question to get answered on google. Details of my situation to follow the next two paragraphs, question itself will be the final break.

Long story short, I have a pretty high-end keyboard (Corsair K95), and I absolutely love it. However, once while it was in transit to a friend's house, he somehow managed to drop it really hard on the concrete of his driveway. Since then, I have had a problem with my left CTRL key and my space bar. The CTRL key being stuck is a constant problem in games. While the space key being stuck is a very huge obstacle for writing my college essays.

I am not in the financial sort of situation where I can justifiably replace this keyboard with another of similar quality, and honestly, this is the best keyboard I've owned and I really don't want to replace it. I've checked the keys for gunk, etc. But I take pretty decent care of my keyboard (taking the caps off bi-monthly and cleaning under the keys), so there is none, and the keycap connectors don't seem to be out of place. Yet... for these two keys there is a constant, random stick.

My question is do any of you have any suggestions to alleviate this issue? My initial, kneejerk reaction was to use electrical lube, but that seems like a dangerous idea since there is, of course, a close proximity to the circuit board underneath the keys.

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    Clean under the keys, especially if you eat, over your keyboard.

  • 1 month ago

    Looks like it's mechanically damaged in some way. Something's bent, broken or cracked, I suspect. I doubt if any lube would help, but you never know.  Are you able to strip it down and look for signs of physical damage? And if you find any are you able to repair them?  That's all I can give you without examining the thing.

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