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What is the deal with the Bing search engine?

Hi. I'm just a little curious about this. Bing is a major search engine that Microsoft created, which is similar to Google, and I presume was created to rival Google.

If Bing is a major search engine like Google how come you don't really hear about it?

Do people actually say "Bing it!", when talking about searching for something on Bing, or am I the only one?

Please help. Thank you.

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    2 months ago

    Bing is, much like Microsoft, not very good at what it does.

    in fact, Microsoft has changed the Bing search engine dozens of times, using the Yahoo and even Google search engines as its base for a while.

    nonetheless, it never really caught on, and google pretty much dominates the search scene with its high speed search and super algorithm that correctly guesses what people are really looking for when they search.

    even Bing Maps sucks compared to google maps. it's just sad...

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    It's this thing called anthimeria.  That's the technical term for when a single brand becomes a word to describe a whole product or service.  It happens all the time.  It happened to Google, just like it happened to Coke, Kleenex, Zamboni, Xerox, Jacuzzi, Band-Aid, Q-Tips, and hundreds of other companies.

    It's a two edged sword for those companies.  It's great when it happens because it means your company is the market leader (ie: nobody ever asks for a rum & Pepsi), but there is a downside.  When people say "The game has been postponed because the Zamboni broke down" or "I tried to Google it, but found nothing", it puts a bad mark on those companies even though the ice resurfacer was a Tennant and the search engine that produced no hits was Bing.

    It's the price of success.

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    Because when you search for mustard on Google, you find condiments to put on hotdogs.

    When you search for mustard on BING, you find articles on the effects of chemical gas during World War 1.

    IE: BING is a terrible search engine.

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