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Why do I often have this recurring dream?

There's a young and handsome tall guy in his early 20s, taciturn and with a serious expression, holding my hand and leading me to a path in the countryside just as the sky becomes lightblue after the sunset. We walk for miles along the fields and he turns to me and smiles a bit. It feels like heaven. Then we hear some music from afar, there's people playing folk, fast music with violins, he takes my hand and takes me there. We watch a folk wedding and he tells me to dance together. I was a bit shy at first but then some other people gave me their hands so that I could dance in circle with them. I had a beige dress til the knee that looked like from another era. After the dance a guy from the circus van starts to say something to me, and the guy I was with at the beginning comes and gets mad. Then we say goodbye to the people at the party and go away. The moon is full and makes a lot of light so I can see his face in the dark 

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    The Animus represents the masculine features in a woman's character, which, integrated properly, will give her greater discernment and self knowledge  Although it is an inherent part of a woman's potential, it is affected and formed by her contacts with men and is completely different for each individual, varying as much as men themselves - from the highest to the lowest, hero to rake. If it is developed into a whole balanced personality in it's own right, the Animus is the natural guide to the deepest layers of the mind. The Animus usually appears in a woman's dreams to remind her of the need to develop these masculine characteristics in herself.  The more the image of the Animus recurs in dreams, the more urgent it will be to develop this masculine and intellectual side of her being and relate to it,

    without losing touch with her true nature.

    Source(s): The psychology of Carl Jung.
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