Is the STEM fad a way to create compliant sheeple?


I mean, if people skip the humanities they will everything and nothing at the same time. 

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    4 months ago
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    The STEM "fad" has been rebooted to the STEAM fad, which is more balanced, as humanist educators noted they were being left behind.  The circle (or cluster, depending on perspective) has been completed as STREAM (i.e., from science, technology, engineering and maths to science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths, to science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and maths).

    Thus the STREAM buzz train has upgraded feel-good in all curricular subjects, everyone's on board (or...fresh lipstick has been applied to the same old, same old--depending on perspective).

    The evaluation ought be, as usual, by the fruits (increased competence in each of the letters).  So far, PISA exams (of 15 year olds in 70 countries, the exams given once every three years) have shown some improvement in U.S. students' science test scores, no major improvement in reading skills--although the U.S. students are already clearly superior in reading skills re most nations' students, including Israel and France), and a continuing comparative inferiority in maths skills.

    So, one cheer for STREAM, mainly in science info ("science literacy").

    As for scientism robotizing hapless, feckless, and clueless humanities and ethnic studies majors, that's certainly a trope or meme invoking "Wish fries with this, O esSTEMed One?", as humanities and ethnic studies are more for self-awareness, and currently are supposedly less classically so...e.g. "Hip-Hop Literature and Culture" classes are only as good as the transcendent/classical virtues they elicit, the lotus growing out of the mud, to include such functionals as:  love of work well done, tolerance for others' points of view; shop class as soulcraft; harmony; work ethic; patience; and development of vocational skills that serve both workplace production and self-awareness.


    The Soulless One;

    Tavistock Institute by Estulin.

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    4 months ago

    What an interesting proposal! You must have completed most of elementary school to come up with such a wonderful idea. Good for you! Good boy!

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