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Why can't daylight savings stay permanent?

In August we're going to start losing minutes of daylight everyday. And i really love the sunlight and it getting dark at 9pm. Why can't it just stay like this? It's so outrageous and depressing when it gets dark at 5:00

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    HELL no. I HATE IT. Damned brats making noise until 10 at night. Besides, then it would`nt get light here until 9 in the morning in the Winter. STANDARD time year round, abolish stupid DSL.

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    1 month ago

    Yes it can and it should. There was one year in the 1970s when the entire year was Daylight Savings time and I loved it. The reason they switch back to standard time is tbecause they do not want children to go to school in the dark during winter. They can fix it by letting kids go to school an hour later  from November to the end of February. 

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    Our lawmakers have designed the daylight savings dates entirely for one reason, and that is that school children who are waiting by the roadside for their morning school bus should not have to wait for their bus in the pitch black darkness. 

    Otherwise we would have daylight savings time for the year round. 

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    What do you mean "in August we start"? From about june 21st to december 21st the amount of minutes of daylight per day goes down, and from about december 21st to june 21st it goes up again. At least in most of the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere its the other way around.

    The term "daylight savings" is pure newspeak. It doesn't "save" anything. All it does is make you do things an hour earlier. So you get up at six and call it seven, work from 8 till 4 and call it 9 to 5, see the sun go down at 8 and call it 9

    > It's so  depressing when it gets dark at 5:00

    Maybe you should move to the equator, where it gets dark around 7 all year round. Stay away from the poles, where they have midnight-sun in summer and midday-dark in winter

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  • 1 month ago

    Because the earth moves around the sun. If you want daylight savings to be permanent, stop the earth from orbiting the sun. Of course, you won’t get spring, fall, or winter. 

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