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Why do my eyes look different on camera?

So when I’m looking in the mirror my eyes are green, light green, medium green and when I record myself on my canon camera my eyes all of a sudden are blue, unless I maybe have hazel eyes and not realise it? 

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    Check the color balance of your camera's menu settings by pushing the AF-WB button on top of the camera. See if it is set to Tungsten. See if there is symbol that is tiny light bulb. If that is the case, then the camera will de-emphasize the red end of the spectrum, since tungsten light (ordinary lightbulbs or warm color bulbs) emit a lot of light at the red end of the spectrum. Use the thumb wheel on the back of the camera to change the white balance to daylight, which has a symbol of the sun.  Green eyes is the result of your eyes having some phaeomelanin, the pigment that reflects yellow and red light but not green or blue light. People who have blue eyes lack phaeomelanin inside the eyes, and the molecules in the eye scatter blue light. People with green eyes have phaeomelanin, which reflects yellow light to make the eye appears green when mixed with the scattered blue light. Set your camera's color balance to daylight, and see if it works. You can also use software to correct color balance. Just add some red color to the picture using photoshop or other software. 

  • keerok
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    Who said the camera sees exactly the way you do?

  • Sumi
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    Your eyes see colors differently than sensors and film do.  Some colors simply cannot be recorded exactly as you see them due to the way sensors work.

    Your camera/phone probably has a setting for color options such as landscape, neutral, vivid, B&W, etc... Try taking a photo of your face with each one of the various options and see how the colors change and pick the one you like best.  Personally, I prefer the neutral setting and then make adjustments as needed in post.

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