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I’m a new grad nurse, who is being accused by staff members of saying something I didnt?

I’m a new grad nurse on an OB unit. This job was my dream, and  I moved out of state for this job, during a pandemic.

 I don’t have any friends or family in the area. 

I started in mid May as a PCT (basically a nursing assistant), and once I passed my boards I transitioned to an official RN (as of this week).I got pulled aside by my manager on Friday that 3 different people have accused me of saying I hated the PCT role, and that it’s  beneath me. She kept their names confidential, but it slipped that it was older nurses who said it. I emphasized my disbelief, and the fact that I have no recollection of saying anything like that. I dont talk much on the unit (I’m new, and introverted. Trying to come out of my shell) and so I’d never be bold enough to say that. I also DONT think I’m above anyone. I value each role. The meeting ended with her saying basically “okay, maybe a misunderstanding”. But I’ve been torn up all weekend. This isn’t how I want to start my career; 3 mystery nurses having an issue with me, and this rumor that I have an ego??I’m 22; youngest nurse on the unit. I’m also one of a handful of black nurses. I’m feeling very concerned right now, because I really hope I’m not being targeted. would appreciate your advice. I don’t want the PCTs to have an issue with me, if this rumor spreads. 


Being introverted doesn’t mean that I act like I don’t enjoy my job. I normally greet nurses in my proximity. I ask to see pictures of their kids/grand kids. But sometimes I just quiet, and I laugh along, or chime in occasionally. It’s not fair to judge someone who hasn’t said anything. And discrimination in the nursing field is ABSOLUTELY real. 

Update 2:

I don’t like how yahoo answers Is an outlet for bitter, tired people. I’m asking a legitimate question as a new, young front line worker who wants to get along with everyone on her team. Please put your bitterness aside, and remember that you’re tapping away on your keyboard to a human. I appreciate any and all polite answers 💓

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    People had an issue with me at first.  Likely “who is this fine, asian guy doing down here in the Children’s Emergency unit for?”  And i heard rumours about me from some of my actual friends.  Told me people are saying i’m always late, lazy and hate my job.  I love my job, i’m efficient and i’m always early.  I just took what those bitches said in stride and kept it pushing

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    2 months ago

    just drop it.  good luck.

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    For sure, it's about the race card.Couldn't possibly be your introvertedness comes off as your aren't enjoying your job or that you appear uppity.

    "But I’ve been torn up all weekend." = Get into counseling so you learn that you can't change what already happened and there is no use being "torn up" about it.

    Change what you do going forward. 

    Trying to come out of my shell = You better do it real quick, as in by your next shift = smile, say hello, act like you enjoy your job

  • Anonymous
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    Just do your job & don't focus on it. 

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