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false positive or what (relationship help)?

I need help with understanding my situation and need another opinion and outside perspective.... 

me and my current boyfriend have been together for a lil while now and, and recently I just found out that I have. chlamydia in my throat... (I was negative everywhere but my throat) 

I told him that I got tested and the second I received my results and told him he went on shut down mode (he saids he didn't cheat,  which I believe Because of his reaction and actions once I told him we talk to each other everydayyyy. FaceTime every night until morning and spend almost everyday together) he hit a depressive episode and doesn't know how is it possible for him to give it to me... or how its possible for any of us to have it when non us cheated. 

he went to go get tested because he couldn't believe my results, and right now we are currently waiting for the results to show if he is positive or negative... 

but something is telling me that his results are going to be negative, and because I was negative everywhere but my throat... and he was negative since the beginning 

so my question is... could it be a false positive because of how abnormal it is to get chlamydia in your throat... and how is it possible to happen when no one has cheated and were both negative...???? has this happen to anyone else?? 

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