Can anybody explain?

Before you answer be serious this is not a joke at all might seem like it to some immature person but today I experienced a paranormal event of a 20$ bill going missing I had put two 20$ bills and two 1$ bills on my bed from my pocket and when I turned my back for 20 seconds and went to grab the money one of the 20$ bills were missing I check on da floor and behind my bed and my room is small so it would've been easy to find now even though I was the only person in the room at the time I have an eye witness to confirm I had two 20s and two one dollar bills don't say that person might have took it I put my money on the bed and was the only one in the room when it disappeared, anybody can explain because I haven't been able to relax after this strange event 


Oh yea forgot to mention this not the first incident, the person who witness my money also brung up the time I put my charger plug on my bed and it disappeared when I went out of my room then back in, what's crazy is I was in front of my door talking to someone then I went right back in it was gone nobody else was in my room, I forgot about that never found that charge plug 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The money will return just as you left it.  When I became very poor and homeless, all the money I ever lost that way was returned to me.  Even, when I was 5 years old I was given a silver dollar that I placed in a little pink purse, I got for my birthday I found on a bus that I was cleaning.  I lost that purse the night that I was on a bus and feel asleep and was carried off the bus.  This was over 30 years later!  I was also walking down a sidewalk and found a $20 bill in the same exact place outside on a busy street 15 years later!  When I was about 5 years old my mother gave me over $100 that a mean man that was abusing threw out the window of our airship.  I was tortured and none of the events made any sense to me as a reasonable human being.  Yet in the same exact place laid on the sidewalk several $20 bills and standing beside them were two men in black of an humanoid species talking in their own language and stood as I picked of each bill.  They were standing guard as I picked them up.  God is real.  They didn't say anything as the watched me pick up each bill and I did it slowly.  God has a plan.  That is why you don't have to worry.  God will make sure you don't starve to death.  Just keep trusting him.  God took me and made a mighty work of me.

  • Tom
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    1 month ago

    One of the 20s was folded initially and you said in your mind "Two-20s" before you laid them down.----You SAW what you THINK you had---4 bills when there were only THREE---Its called "Autosuggestion" you see what you expect to see, after you subconsciously decide what you are gonna see.

    Don't Laugh--I saw "The Great Kreskin" do this with playing cards--. He selected 4 cards, showing only the backs. He flipped each card over one at a time---and BACK again And we see the Queen of diamonds for a second or so, as he talks/chats about them--We see the last card as the QD also--but JUST before he turns it he says "And of course, This is the queen of Diamonds also"---And indeed that is what we see.   Now he goes back and turns ALL the cards facing us again---And the last card was really the DEUCE of Diamonds.---He set the audience up to expect  it and the timing of his remark confirmed it before we really saw it.----I learned the trick on my own as I study Psychology and such stuff---And pulled it off myself.

    This can happen to US  on our own ONCE WE decide what we are gonna see before we see it---given the right timing. It applies to Ghosts, Cards and MONEY too.

  • 1 month ago

    Count out your eye witness as he only witnessed what you had. There again, you pulled out this money another time and possibly in another room. You must have for your friend to have witnessed it. You then had to put the money back into your pocket? That is possibly where the other 20 is as it did not make it back to your pocket but fell onto the floor. Obviously, you didn't know this and thought you threw all your notes on the bed. I would check the floor where you showed your friend. If it is not there, your friend is not your friend.

  • 1 month ago

    You were mistaken on the first assumption that there were 4 bills.  You put down only one $20, not two like you firmly believe.

    Or when you counted them and believe only 3 bills are there, two are stuck together.  Common with new bills.

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