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HORSE RACING: Trivia # 8 - Can you Answer this Question?

What were the worst odds (not the highest, but the worst) on a horse in the history of the Kentucky Derby?


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    Canonero II

8-1 on Canonero ll as part of the mutuel field, which finished 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th ... and first. He would have been close to 100-1 as a separate betting interest

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    I believe it was (1971) Canonero ll had the worst odds, and was known as one of the biggest Kentucky Derby upsets! Canonero II was part of the six-horse pari-mutual field that went off at odds of 8-1 in the 1971 Derby. (The pari-mutual field was used prior to 2001 whenever there were more than 12 entrants in the big race. As a single entrant, the Caliente Future Book had Canonero II at odds of 500/1.

    Canonero II was an unknown horse until he won the Kentucky Derby in 1971. The horse had a crooked leg and sold for only $1,600 in the Keeneland Sales. Canonero II ran in Venezuela during his early career and showed some quality but never looked like a Derby horse. One day, his owner made the decision to try the Derby, although other people thought trying the Derby was just an adventure. On May 1, 1971, Canonero came from the back of the pack, won the Derby handily, and surprised the entire world. As an anecdote, Canonero’s owner did not travel to the states to watch the race. When he received a call notifying him of Canonero’s feat, he didn’t believe it and thought it was a bad joke, so he hung up the phone. Immediately, thousands of calls began to arrive because it was all true! 

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    1913 Donerail- went off at 91–1

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