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Can I take a taxi from Toronto personal airport to go home traveling from another country?

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  • Have a pass port on you when crossing the boarder, also wear a mask if you're taking any kind of public transport right now. They don't accept drivers licences or birth certificates as ID any more (your driver / taxi driver should also have a pass port just in case), for boarder crossings with any vehicle. You may want to check with the taxi company first and check their covid 19 policies / protocols, boarder crossings and see if it's possible. Also be prepared to give the taxi driver a generous tip, weather it would be US or Canadian dollars. 

    By the way, the boarder on both the US and Canadian sides are closed for non essential travel due to covid 19. So you may not be able to cross the boarder right now. If you have to cross the boarder, you should self isolate / quarantine for 14 days.

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    I'm more interested in your personal airport actually...

    If this personal airport of yours is located in Toronto, the land alone ( given the area of land required for a plane to be able to take off and land ) would be worth many millions of dollars.  If you can afford that large patch of land, you can afford your own personal limo and driver.

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    YES you can . YOU will need to find a TAXI willing to take you DIRECTLY to home.

    I think you mean Pearson Airport . Named after the Prime Minister of Canada.

    MOST taxis will not go more than about 200kms from the Airport.YOU PAY dearly for this as you also pay for the drivers time to return back empty.

    If you do not have an adequate place to quarantine, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada will designate a facility where you must remain for 14 days.A full list of requirements is available from the Government of Canada’s travel advisory page.

    For passengers who do have symptoms of COVID-19:    You must isolate for 14 days    You must go to your place of isolation using private transportation only, such as your personal vehicle.

    A little common sense applies to this. Doubtful you can get a Taxi to your home in Vancouver ,Sudbury or Halifax.

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