How do you set the default for screen capture to .JPG in Win10?

This is a question that's been asked for at least the past 11 years without a single correct answer.

The most common answer given by third world microsoft employees is "open snip it program and save as a jpg" which is wrong and does not answer the question.

Pressing print screen while holding down the window(*s) key allows you to save HUNDREDS of images (ie. from a video, or streaming chat, etc.) in a few minutes, the problem is the default extension saves those images as .PNG, which while good for all the information it holds, rapidly take up space on your drive (.png files are SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than. JPG files, for those who might be unaware and if you are you should not attempt to answer this question).

I want the default extension to be set to .jpg so when I spam that prt sc (print screen) key that flurry of images are all. JPGs, not. PNGs.

I know how to convert them individually.

I know how to save a single file as a .JPG

What I want to know, just so it is absolutely clear, is HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE DEFAULT extension used to save screen images to.JPG??????

and if you want to throw in why no one has answered this for Win10, but HAS answered it for macs, well you get a bonus.. cookie, if that's available.Thanks in advance.

3 Answers

  • Lv 7
    4 months ago

    i will agree that the quality of Snipping Tool leaves much to be desired. i hate it, and refuse to use it.

    however, PNG and JPG, while different formats, have pretty close to the same quality. PNG is just more optimized for webpages, while JPG is more universally accepted.

    the quality and size, when highest quality for each, is about the same.

    that said, i don't know anyone serious about screen capture that would trust a Microsoft solution.

    you sjould use a 3rd party program to do your screenshots, or else just use the PrintScreen button, and paste the result into a photo editor.

    Microsoft options are not very good, and they have never been good at knowing what their users want.

  • 4 months ago

    Click the “Save” icon to display the Save As dialog box. The default format is PNG. Click the “Save as Type” drop-down and choose “JPG.”

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Windows 10 hasn't been out for 11 years, so half of the premise of your question is wrong based on math alone. The other half of your question is wrong because you're assuming that there is in fact a way to change the default format  The reason people are telling you to open and save it as a JPEG is because there is no sensible reason anyone would want to create thousands of JPEG images of their desktop, and they think you're a normal person who wants only a single image. 

    You sound like you're probably a narcissist. You insist everyone else is wrong, without considering the possibility that what you're trying to do or how you're trying to accomplish it is wrong. You're using a tool in a way it wasn't meant to be used (taking thousands of screenshots in a short amount of time), complaining about things that would not be issues in normal usage (the size or format of the screenshots), and then demanding to know why people aren't helping you accomplish something you shouldn't be doing in a way you shouldn't be doing it with a tool that wasn't meant for the thing you're doing by modifying it in a way it wasn't meant to be changed.

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