What Zodiac Sign Does this lovely woman sound most like?

She is uncouth , spontaneous

She is indepedent , strong , tough

She is laidback , unambitious , adventurous

She is uncompromising in love

She is very assertive , justice , tomboyish

She rescue a cat before

She Is incredibly vain

She like to arrange thing beautiful

She has big hearts

She give freedom to the person she love

She is NOT money minded

She love to laugh

She is trusting and no malice

She love sharing and good listener

She is responsible and loyal

She appreciate simple things

She is happy

She don't mind sharing the spotlight

1 Answer

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Everyone has all 12 zodiac signs in their chart and about 30 to 40 OTHER factors many of which are far more important than what you are mistakenly calling her "zodiac sign" (it is properly called her "Sun sign").

    Many of the qualities you listed are contradictory but a birthchart does have many contradictions in it, and so do real people.

    You cannot guess someone's Sun sign since it is only 2% of their entire personal unique birthchart. And Sun sign astrology is not real astrology.

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