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HSV-2 concerns and advice?

I recently had blood work done and since it was covered i got a full panel std work up. It came back positive for hsv-2. Im really confused. I mean i have never had a genital outbreak, been with the same person 6 years and he has never an outbreak. The only time i can even think of a herpes related incident was when i had a cold sore but that was like 13 years ago. Im confused wouldnt antibodies for cold sores show up on a blood test? Could that cold sore really have been hsv2? I mean the cold sore really wasnt that bad. It cleared in about a week or week and a half. Now im freaking out because idk if im going to randomly have a break out on my privates. I mean now that i think about it i have had maybe 5 or 6 times Where i had little ulcers down there. But they ONLY happened when i cut myself with a bad razor and end up wearing tight underwear afterwards. And ive asked my sisters if theyve had that happen and they say they have just as often. I mean i doubt we ALL had hvs2 right? The ulcers never oozed or scabbed over. Never blistered either. They just started as small knicks and due to wiping too hard or friction from jeans theyd rub the skin away and leave it like a raw cut. And After a week of keeping the area dry it healed just fine. No tingly or prodrome (whatever its called) sensations. My boyfriend has never had anything like this. Why wouldnt my cold sore hsv show antibodies yet im showing antibodies fir hsv2? Im just so confused and freaked out. 

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    This is why blood tests for herpes are problematic--just exactly like your scenario-a low titer but never ever an outbreak, or one so minor you never really knew you had it. All you can do is wait and see--if you never ever have an outbreak, then just push the whole test aside. Just be a bit cautious.

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    Your boyfriend may not be telling you.  He may not want to admit it.  Ask him and tell him your diagnosis, and when you have an outbreak, you are contagious so it is important to abstain when you have any sign of of an outbreak. 

    Source(s): Common knowledge over time, and a co-worker at one point had it.
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