Black eye or not?

My room mate smashed our bathroom door in my face. We have super narrow hallway, I didn't know she was in, she didn't know I'm passing so she opened the door fast without care and the edge hit me in the face. 

It hit both my cheekbone and my eyebrow. It was so hard I was crying and before I got to the mirror I already had bumps forming. Yes, plural - one under my eye pressing my eyelid up, and one on my eyebrow. Both are huge, swollen and kinda bluish pink. I have ice packs on but it doesn't seem to be helping and my eye is swelling more. She finds it funny and makes fun if it so I need to know if by her fault I'm about to have a black eye.

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    1 month ago
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    Aw honey that's black eye! From how fast you got those bumps and saying that they're huge, it's gonna be a big one! I'd say it's lucky if it didn't swell shut. 

    You're already on the right track of icing it. Keep that up and sleep with your head elevated. After maybe 2-3 days you can switch over to a heat compress.

  • 1 month ago

    Black eye, yes. Her fault, no. It was clearly an accident.

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    1 month ago

    Not a black eye. 

    One, if it were, you wouldn't need to ask. The fact that you can't tell means it's not. An actual black eye is unmistakable. in that respect, it's kind of like asking if you've had an orgasm, which, like a black eye, if you're at all in doubt, then, no, that wasn't one.

    Two, black eyes come from getting hit in the nose. While the eye may be hit, it's the part of the blow that hits the nose that causes a black eye.

    What happens is the bridge of the nose gets hit so hard that the part of the sinus cavity that runs on either or both sides of the bridge of your nose ruptures and blood drains down and collects atop the lower sinus cavity, the part on either side of your nose just beneath your eyes. It's the part of the blow that lands on the bridge of the nose (either straight on if the nose gets broken or, if not, at an angle or in such a way that driving force presses into the corner of your eye against the bridge of your nose ) that causes a black eye.

    You were only hit in the cheekbone and on the eyebrow. That's really far away from the bridge of the nose. From the injury you describe, if there were any subdermal bleeding (i.e., bruising), the blood would not pool atop the nasal cavity, which is where it must pool to form a black eye. 

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    Not about, you have. The lump is already bleeding under the skin which will settle around the lower eye as its a "ditch" so to speak. Ice will help keep more bleeding down but wont make what has happened already vanish.

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