Could the origin of Star Trek (and warp drive) possibly NOT result from nuclear chaos? Is there an alternate version without nuclear war?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I mean, it's a story.  They write their story how they like.

    But I would actually argue that technological progress is LESS likely if we have a nuclear war.  Tech progress is more like building a building.  Each advancement relies on the foundation of the one before it.  And the further you go, the more technologies were needed to get that next incremental advancement.

    In order to have smart phones you can't just have the idea for a smart phone.  You need the chemistry and physics and metallurgy and engineering and information technology and cryptography and all the gajlillion other things I'm not mentioning to all have advanced to a point where you could bring them together and make a smart phone.  

    War inherently tears down those pillars, killing people who would have had ideas or could have done the things that needed to be done that in turn created the surplus to support other people to have the extra time to dedicate to ideas.  it destroys factories and infrastructure that would have been needed.  Every war sees nations investing in certain sexy technologies to win the war, but it also sees immense loss that almost certainly prevented other progress that we'll never know would have happened because it's a counterfactual.

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