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How Should I Approach My Parents About Getting an ASD Evaluation?

I am a teenager who isn’t the “stereotypical” candidate for an evaluation (I am a straight A’s student who hasn’t had any behavioral problems in school, and I keep everything to myself so, not even my parents know the half of my struggles). 

So far, I have done two years worth of research on autism and have have noticed that my experiences seem to match those of autistic people. Because I am struggling, I want to see if autism could be a potential cause. However, I am a very anxious person, and I’m scared to bring the topic up. I did once bring up the possibility of me being autistic (around a year ago), but the topic was quickly dropped. Note: I do have a therapist, but I’ve told very little to her because it’s hard for me to open up. I know my parents, especially my mother, are more inclined to listen to her so, if I talked to her and she gave my parents the suggestion for an evaluation, they’d likely listen. Should I talk to my therapist first?


Just so you know, autism DOES run in my family and on both sides. 

Also, I go to my therapist for issues with anxiety (since she is a specialist in it), and I’m unsure if she has any background with diagnosing autism or helping clients with autism-related issues. 

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    If you already have a therapist, please do talk with her about it.  Perhaps you can write down some concerns that have led you to believe that you're on "the spectrum" (of ASD).  Perhaps your therapist can then also have a sit-down (or phone call) with your parents about getting evaluated for ASD (and/or other such disorder).  

    Most public schools have a Child Study Team (cst), which usually includes a school social worker, learning disabilities-teacher consultant (LDT-C), and school psychologist.  They will need your parents' permission before testing was to begin.

    If your school is closed, I'm not sure if the school and/or cst would make an exception for students to get evaluated by the cst though (such as while keeping the 6 ft distance rule with a face mask, for instance).

    It's my understanding that a licensed *clinical psychologist* (PhD or PsyD) may do evaluations for those concerned about having ASD, for instance, too.  In addition, there may be a local pediatrician who has a sub-specialty as a "developmental" pediatrician that *might* have slightly more knowledge than a "general" pediatrician.

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    i would just ask them to do it

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