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2 TVs have a delay?

My parents' room is across the wall (yes, the wall) from the living room. The TVs are back to back on opposite sides of the wall. If we ever happen to be watching the same show, I noticed that my parents' TV is 5-10 seconds behind the living room TV. Why is this? How can we fix it?

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    What system does  your TVs operator on - as in what cable service, antenna or satellite service do you use.  And are both TVs hooked to the same service?

    If both TVs are hooked to the same service - I am going to guess that the living room has the main box and the parent's room has a secondary receiver.  There might be a slight delay to the secondary receiver.  Talk to your service provider.

    Now - a more likely problem is the type of TV being used.  Each TV processes things based on the capability of the TV.  If you have a newer, more up to date TV than your parents have, then the delay could just be the time the TV needs to process the signal from the cable box into the image and sound that is viewed and heard.  Even two TVs that seem to have equal specs might have a slight delay difference if they are different brands.  If you go to an electronics store and watch all of the televisions on display, you may begin to notice that a few of them have a slight delay compared to others.  It is all about the television's ability to process the input signal into the image you see and the sound you hear.  

    If the issue is the TVs themselves, then the only way to fix it would be to get two identical TVs for the two rooms.  (If one TV is new enough and the brand and model is still available, then replacing one TV might work)

    If possible, you may want to consider rearranging the furniture in the rooms to place the TVs farther apart.  

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