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What style is lovely for a bridesmaids dress?

Please send pictures of stylish dresses.  I've always been behind the times even when I was younger so send something fashion forward.

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    I'm saying this a former bride and going with the times currently for weddings- it does not matter. The best thing you can do for your bridesmaids is to let them pick out what they want in the color of your choosing, or to all go shopping together and find something they all agree on. You will always have one bridesmaid that hates the style, or it simply will not look good on them, especially if you have one short, one tall, one skinny, one can be a nightmare trying to get them all into the same thing. 

    I happened to have 3 out of 4 bridesmaids that were on the bigger side. I found these beautiful cheap black dresses. The skinny one said she would gladly get it taken in and the other three LOVED them and have since worn them multiple times to other events. Everyone was happy, no fighting, no bickering, the price was right, and the skinny one was on board. 

    TALK to your bridesmaids. See what THEY want. I know it's your wedding, but you don't want uncomfortable bridesmaids, either. Also, a good tip, go to Amazon for the dresses when you're ready. They are VERY affordable and if you find some on Amazon Wardrobe, you can try them for 7 days and return them if they don't fit, wrong color, etc. The typical, ill-fitting ugly dress is going by the wayside. Happy, secure brides don't give a hoot what their bridesmaid wear. Just food for thought. 

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    literally any dress will do....

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