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If your Taiwanese Buddhist friend tells you he is torn between supporting China and India, should he support his race...or his religion?

He says that he is still technically part of the Chinese race after all, but his religion comes from ancient India, so he respects them as well, so he is feeling deeply torn between the two countries as they prepare for war

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    He can support whomever he wants.  But he would be well aware that I support India in this manner.  

    The Chinese cannot claim land that is NOT theirs.  They brutally attacked soldiers who basically said, "You can't build here.  Show us your documents"

    China CANNOT claim they have rights to build anything on land that isn't a part of their country without the proper documentation.   There isn't any contract.   You can't bully people and force people to buy your products... You can't force people to let you build on their land.  It's NOT right.  India is a DEMOCRACY.  it is NOT COMMUNIST.  

    Tibet is in fear, because they support India in this matter.   The same thing happened in Tibet.  Once it separated from India.. china had full control of their land... forcing their president and government OUT OF tibet. 

    Lobsang Sangay is completely right on this matter.  The correct thing would be to stand up for your rights... otherwise we'll have another Tibet. 

  • Foofa
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    If this friend even asked my opinion, which would be bizarre as surely he has his own ideas... I'd tell him that race and religion are both emotional intangibles and that neither should be the sole motivation for his support or lack thereof. I'd urge him to do the research and look at what both scenarios might mean for his daily life, ability to survive, opportunity for advancement, etc. People who jump into battles based on things that don't really matter usually end up regretting it. 

  • Squid
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    There's no conflict there.  Taiwan did not attack India.  Why would he (or anyone else) support China?  

  • 1 month ago

    I don't think he should base these things on race or religion, but rather what's best for the country he lives in and the world. And there are lots of Buddhists in China anyway.

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