The Injustice of Time and Chance ?

I looked again and saw under the sun that the race does not belong to the swift, the battle does not belong to the mighty, food does not belong to the wise, wealth does not belong to the intelligent, and success does not belong to the skillful, for time and chance befalls all of them.

For man does not know his time. Just as fish are caught in a cruel net and like birds who are seized in a snare, so also are humans ensnared at a cruel time when it falls suddenly upon them.

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    That is only part of the reality: we can each work to redress the balance to some degree

  • 4 months ago

    If you agree with this, it may surprise you to know that it's from the Bible. King Solomon wrote it c. 950 BC.

  • 4 months ago

    Finite time has no inherent existence in the universe.  It is an arbitrary construct to describe the reality we perceive, based on the earth's rotation around the sun, using arbitrary points of selective observation.  Our concept of finite time, as in "past, present and future", is the mind's linear observation of 'sequential change' in material form, passing as "beginning, middle and end".  

    Everything has a purpose and reason.  "Chance" is just way of explaining away, the fact that explaining 'why?', technically, requires knowing the entire history of existence, up to the moment.  Thus, the East uses the concept of "karma".  There is nothing "mysterious" or "magical" about what can be called "Cosmic Cause and Effect".  'Karma' is just a shorthand way of saying, "the present is a result of the combined total of the past, influencing the future".  

    There is only 'Always and Forever' of opportunity.  Only the form of 'this' and 'that', 'here' and 'there', 'now' and 'then', is subject to change.

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