Can someone help a non tech savvy person?

I got a new galaxy s9 and i needed to put in a code that was sent to my message but when i went to message, i couldn't get back to the box to put the code in so how was i suppose to find it?  On my old phone i would go back to open tabs but it wasn't in the open tabs on this phone.

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    1 month ago

    Was the code that was sent to you, get sent  as a text, email or popup window on your browser?

    If pop up/tab you may need to enable pop ups on your default browser. 

    If email, make sure the sender is not sent to spam or junk folder. 

    If text, check your default messaging (SMS) for a text. Normally this will come from a number that is not a phone number. (either too short or long to be a phone number). 

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