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What can I do about NYC landlord cutting utility and taking all furniture, 45 days before I’m supposed to move out? ?

The stuff was taken earlier this month around June 15th. I was told to leave immediately but demanded my one month notice as per our lease agreement. Landlord took the furnishings then, and came back yesterday with a lawyer, without letting me know ahead of time, and with paper notice of termination. I explained that the furniture and utilities as a whole were included in the lease we both signed. She even threw out some of my food “accidentally” and snuck in to take the internet modem. Is it fine for her to take the common-space furniture, kitchen-ware, et al. like this? What can I do about this in the short term?

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    That is not legal and she knows it.  File a police report and if possible take her to small claims court.  Keep detailed records and take lots of pictures.  The person who came with her was pretending to be an attorney to get you to leave.  People like this you have to fight fire with fire.  If they show up again call the police.  She did not throw out your food on accident.  This sounds like a common thing she does to tenants.  Learn your renters rights.  Snuck in? No it is breaking and entering. And stealing all that stuff is yours until the lease is up not before.  Take plenty of photos because this type of person will take you to court claiming you trashed the place and get it remodeled at your expense.

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    Contact tenants' rights organizations in the City and tell them to get on this landlord so you at least can live out your lease in peace while you find another place to live.  Evictions are illegal during Corona virus in some cities.

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