Why don't all the homeless people in downtown Portland get on the 35 tri met bus to west linn ?

It's only a twenty minute drive at the most down highway 43, I can't believe they never thought of that, they could sleep in people's yards in hidden springs or barrington Heights or cascade summit, these are all areas up in the hills above highway 43, they should totally do that. Get on the bus to west Linn 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    It isn't a question merely of where to sleep.  They choose the places they hang out to be convenient and the possibility of getting what they want.  Close to liquor stores or charitable organizations, mini-marts, etc. so they can eat a little.  Near people walking around to beg.  Etc.

    In West Linn, there are few pedestrians to beg from (everyone drives there) and there are very few suitable grocery stores and similar outlets.

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