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What is the best diet for a young runner trying to lose fat?

I'm 14 years old, 5'1 and about 106lbs. I run XC and I know that diets aren't technically recommended for people under 18, but I am trying to lose fat. Is there any specific diet that will help? Or should I just do calorie deficit?

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    A 5'1" female should weigh 106 - 124 lbs, depending on body frame size. You don't need to lose weight. Simply eat healthy (avoid processed foods) and do some strength training to build some muscle and speed your metabolism (also will help you become a better runner AND reduce chances of some types of running injuries). 

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    Just do a calorie deficit. If you jump right into eating clean you'll drive yourself insane. Ease your way into it and in time eating junk food will be less and less. The best diet that's sustainable is one with balance.

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