I hate being a LPN! Any alternative career choices out there, with good pay?

Where do I begin...I’m a New York State LPN for 4 years, experienced in LTC, doctors office, and urgent care. Figured I’d try contracted (agency) jobs for better pay, which is awesome but I’m beginning to hate the job. I’ve been unhappy working now for about 2 years. 

Taking care of people has just become very exhausting,  to to mention lack of staff, work supplies, and much more. 

I guess I’m just venting at this point. But after working 2 shifts I need 2 days off to recover from the mental draining. Most times 2 days just isn’t enough. 

What else could I do and still maintain a decent living?

Thank you for reading. 

FYI, I got into nursing to help people, not the money.

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