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$545 a month if I became disabled right now so how do I get that amount up quickly ?

I have a pinched nerve and scoliosis is why I am asking.  I am not trying to go on disability but I need to know my options .


So far I have 36 credits I am going to reach 40 and see how much the amount would go up. 

Update 2:

Better paying job yeah right I am 46 only an associates degree so not going to happen.  

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  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    It depends where you live.

  • Shay
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    1 month ago

    Get a better paying job.  Part of your qualifications is based on your income.  People who get higher disability amounts usually had good paying jobs.

    So - while you are still able to work - search out the highest paying job you are qualified to do and then work that job for about five years.  That will boost what you would qualify for on disability.

    If you google search "what is disability benefits based on" - the first answer shown is this:  The amount of your monthly disability benefit is based on your lifetime average earnings covered by Social Security.

    So - if you want higher benefits - you need to do something to increase your income to bring your average earnings up.  

    Also - just working as long as you can will also increase your lifetime average earnings just by having more income earned before going on disability.  But, a higher paying job will do more than just more time on a job.  

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