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Husband hates me so much and abuses me but he won’t leave? ?

I’m a liar. I’m fake. I’m stupid. I’m evil. I’m a monster. I’m horrible. He speaks rude to me disgusting like go & f yourself.

Somebody who emotional abuses me daily can’t love me. I asked him does he & he told me this isn’t love. He’s indirectly telling me he doesn’t love me.

 I’ve always known that but for him to admit it hurts. He won’

I laid in bed last night wondering even before I met him have I done something so bad that now this is my karma. But I can’t think of anything terrible I’ve done. I’m not a horrible person. I’m a kind loving person. He’s destroyed me & I doubt myself. He’s putting me down & I feel extremely depressed like I’m sinking into this deep dark hole & I know once I’m there I will struggle to get out. I’m a weak person he’s killed me inside.  I don’t understand why he treats me like this.I don’t understand why every argument turns into something completely different and him talking about the last 8 years we’ve been together everything bad. He told me he wanted to leave me since day 1 but because we have a child together who’s nearly 6 he stays.

I should leave him. Everyone tells me & I know I should be the one to leave him. But I can’t & feel no strength to do it. I feel scared, afraid. But when he tells me he wants to break up and doesn’t want me, I do tell him to go. I tell him to leave the house the minute he tells me but he NEVER does. He will but come home hours later. He tortures me & calls me all these names. But will never leave me. Why? :( 

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    You guys are playing Tug-of-war with one another. Someone has to have the courage to say look here I had enough I know what I’m worth I deserve to be treated better and we all know who I’m talking to. You have to do something because all your doing by the day is wasting more and more of you are. This man already drained you of some of your dignity. If you don’t leave that’s saying you don’t love yourself enough to get away. People are bold enough to do what they want to do. Good luck!! 

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    He won't leave because he's enjoying destroying your confidence. There are many men out there who get a lot of pleasure tormenting a woman like that. Then the oscar winning performance sets in with the tears and begging after you leave him. For your own sanity - please leave him and have NOTHING more to do with him.

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    You are codependant. This is an issue that lies within yourself and feeds on low self esteem. You are afraid to be alone, so you think it's better to stay with an abusive partner.  Your husband is cruel, mean and has mental issues of his own that keeps him in the marriage rather than leaving you.  You should go to internet of the mind and look up codependency and you will see so many things about yourself that are true.  Get help with this and you will finally be able to see things from a healthy perspective. You are worthy of a healthy relationship and this marriage is only going to get worse. Good luck, I hate to hear of things like this.

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    Boo Hoo Hoo what a loser.

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    A liar?  A fake? Stupid? An evil monster?  Horrible? Emotionally abusing people every day?  Yes sir Mr Trump.  I understand your problem.  People just don't understand.  Obviously you should leave the job because people don't appreciate you but for some strange reason you just can't bring yourself to quit.

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    See this is the EXACT REASON why men should be able to opt out of the responsiblity of being a parent before the child is born.

    It runs lives (mostly the men who didn't want the kid or the woman who had it) 

    Well either way, I wish you and your family the best. I truly hope things work out.

    Life is hard enough as it is and everyone deserves someone to comfort them in times of need. Except serial killers, mass murderers, rapist, pedophiles etc.

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    Why would he leave his human punching bag? You are going to have to be the one to take the initiative and leave. You have a kid. I mean, do you really want your child to grow up watching their mom be abused? If you can't be strong for you, do it for your kid. There are resources out there to help you, shelters for abused women etc. 

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