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Are you a scientist, and do you keep a calculator in your shirts front pocket, or is this just a stereotype?

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    That is a 1960s thing. By the 1970s, we were wearing calculators on our belt like a phone.

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    I am and I don't. Never did. 

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    all my life a scientist, and never.  As to it being a 60s thing, there were not pocket calculators in the sixties.  They came into use in the early seventies and became pocket-sized with useful functions around the mid-seventies when I went to college.  I don't know that my old TI-50 from 1975 would count as "pocket" calculator.  It was a bit too big for pockets, especially shirt pockets.

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    Everyone keeps a calculator in their pocket these days. Its one of the many functions your phone is capable of. 

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    I am a senior electrical engineer.

    For the past 10 years, I have been carrying a smartphone, which has a deluxe calculator. I do carry a vintage slide rule that I bring into meetings when I leave my phone on my desk.

    I have never met anyone who fits the stereotype after 1970.

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    Its a very old stereotype.

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    most of us have a calculator in our pocket, it's called a "smart phone". Where have you been the last years?

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