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How do I lose belly fat? See pictures pleaseee!?

Hi, I’ve been trying to loose belly fat for the past 6 months. I feel like I have progressed a little bit. I am very happy with my upper abdomen but I hate my lower belly because it is so fatty. I want to lose the belly fat because I love every other part of my body but I absolutely, absolutely loathe my lower belly fat and I feel I will never wholly love myself until I get rid of it. In clothes you can’t really tell but when it is just my bare stomach you can really tell how fat I am and I hate it. Especially when I sit and lean forward the rolls all accumulate and it looks and feels disgusting on me. Please can someone offer some tips. I need to get rid of this. Some info about me:

I am 17 weigh abt 55 kg

I have been doing light muscle building exercises about 3-4 times a week, with dumbells (quite light only about 3kg)

I have been doing HIIT about 2-3 times per week, with ankle weights. 

I have completely eliminated chocolate and sweets and unhealthy food, I eat plenty of veggies and protein and whole grains to the point where I feel I cannot be any healthier. Why is the belly fat not going away? Is it just that I need more time? Thank you for reading this, any tips will be highly appreciated. The belly fat is worse than it looks.


Sorry update should have been more specific, so am I correct in saying that I need to do more cardio exercises than weight exercises with a less-starchy/grain diet???

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    I'm going to be a little tough on you because I think you obsessing about something that really isn't a problem rather than facing the real issue which is your self-image and self-esteem.

    1. You have to learn to love yourself regardless of your body. When you "fix" your belly, you'll fixate on something else. You'll always think that happiness is one body "flaw" away.  Your value as a person isn't about your waist or body fat or any other physical feature. Ask your parents about getting you some counseling.  

    2.  If counseling isn't in the cards, do yourself a favor and read some books. Here are some that might be helpful in giving you perspective and a better outlook:  Girl Wash your Face, The Body Image Workbook for Teens, Lifted, and All Made Up.

    3. You're soft. End of story.  If you want to get a toned body you're going to have to workout a lot harder than you do now.  Ugh.  Sorry.  You can find all kinds of full body and ab workout videos on YouTube for free or you can subscribe to programs or apps like BeachBodyOnDemand or Kira Stokes or Holly Rilinger -- talk to your parents about whether or not this is something the family can afford. You don't need fancy equipment.  

    4. Ditch the grains. Processed foods from bread to cereal to pasta to rice have very little nutritional value, cause fat storage, and also can cause bloating.  You aren't overweight per se, so some of your belly bulge may be more about weak muscles and eating carbs than it is about fat. Ask your parents about trying a week or two without grains or other starchy carbs.  See if you feel or see a difference.  

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    A VERY clean diet - avoid as much processed food as possible (abs are made in the kitchen) and lots of core/ab workouts to really firm up the muscles all the way around your torso (upper abs, lower abs, obliques). 

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    Your overall weight is fine. A healthy diet also excludes as much zero calorie sweeteners as possible, low salt and sodium, minimal processed meats.

    Look on the internet for exercise for abdominals and take up swimming if possible.

    The weights have little effect on midsection. 

    Swimming laps gets you lean.

    With facilities issues with Covid-19, it may have to wait.

    You are not in it for competition, but if you look at swimmers builds it is what you have in mind. You cannot and should not try to emulate the models in magazines. They are on a professional regimen, not necessarily healthy and specially selected for natural body shape. 

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