Why don't simple solutions occur to lottery winners?

For example =

If they don't want strangers knocking on their door, why don't they put up a locked  fence and then call the cops on trespassers?

If the media asks them questions every time they leave their homes, why don't they wear earphones and listen to music whenever they go out?

If people send letters or email asking for money, why don't they throw out the letters without even reading them, and send the emails right into their spam folders?

Why don't they change their phone numbers?

Why don't they block or mute strangers on their social media sites?

If rude people ask them personal questions about their money, why don't they simply say, "I never discuss my finances."

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  • martin
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    1 month ago
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    Probably they've tried all those things, but it still keeps coming.  Only time can decrease the unwanted contacts.

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