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Why is the movie, "As Good As It Gets", only ranked at #140 of 500 best films ever?

The direction, writing and characters make the drama an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger with more thrills and chills than a blockbuster action flick. The characters are as real as life and there's never a moment that the spell is broken. 

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    140 of 500  BEST films ever..........would be *extremely*  generous. 

    and a ranking by someone who's never SEEN more than  300 movies. 

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    the chemistry between Nicholson and hunt is awful.  it's actually repulsive.  I love nicholson's performance in it, and the plot and the dialogue are great.  but, I cannot bring myself to rewatch it because I cringe when I see the two of them kiss.  

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    I thought it was a decent movie, but 140 seems generous if anything. Have you watched every movie they rated higher and know that you prefer it to all of them?

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