Why do people walk away as they talk?

Not sure why but alot of times when I talk to someone, especially when there's potential for verbal conflict, they always start to walk away while they talk. It's like they just want to have the last word and end it at that. Or they just don't want to have an argument, but why though? Like if their gonna say something to me at least look at me in the eye. I just find it kinda pathetic how they just walk away and pretend like they're right and I'm wrong. Instead of talking to me face to face they rather walk away and talk at the same time. They might as well talk to themselves because sometimes I can't even hear what their saying. Am I the only one that has this issue?

1 Answer

  • funny
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    1 month ago

    While avoiding conflict is often perceived as an inappropriate way to manage our interpersonal conflicts, there are times walking away is the optimum approach.

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