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Being in Walt Disney world in 2020?

So I know the rule in Disney when your in is masks almost everywhere. What I need to know is has anyone who has gone there wore nitrile or latex gloves when you were there or seen anyone wearing them? Yes they do sanitize and keep it clean I know that but the gloves are my own personal preference to wear yes they are clean and changed frequently. 

I wear them everywhere I go and I would follow all their sanitation rules also. 

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    Disney World isn't open until mid July and may not open then with the spike in cases in Florida right now. Gloves are not specifically required but they are not prohibited either.

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    Unless you change your gloves after touching anything, they are contaminated.

    No different than your hands.

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    Before the pandemic Disney food service workers used gloves.Disney will not contain the pandemic because selfish people think the honor system applies to the other guy.During a news event with Governor DeSantis at a Black College the top leadership were tugging at their masks like a baby tantrum.

    Disney could apply this theory of altruistic play-acting and sell more religious themed toys.A Catholic Bishop Mickey Mouse plush would sell because Christmas is all year long for wild hogs.Sell a candy apple that looks like a church incense burner with cotton candy smoke.Monty Python lampooned the muck who was really working in the muck.

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    Disney World is not yet back open, so no one has seen anything there since the pandemic.  You are certainly allowed to wear your gloves when you go. They don't do anything more for you than regularly washing your hands though, unless you change them every single time you touch something. 

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    They aren't illegal.  I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for by asking if anyone has done it or seen anyone else.  You wear them so you know that in heat they can be rather uncomfortable.  

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