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Should veterinary technicians be familiar with animal nutrition?

Veterinary Technicians being familiar with animal nutrition. Also should they recommend certain foods for pets, or is that the job from a license veterinarian?

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    It's good for anyone who owns a pet to be familiar with animal nutrition. Should they be advising a vet's customers on their pets' diets? Generally, no, they should not, unless directed to pass along specific information from the vet.

    Should a vet be giving out nutritional advice beyond advising on portion control, prescribing prescription diets, and cautioning against dangerous foods and inadequate diets? Often, that answer is also NO. The standard vet curriculum doesn't provide much nutritional education, and veterinarians are not usually experts on nutrition. Certainly some have gone out of their way to educate themselves, but that's definitely the minority, and most will freely admit to having little knowledge in the area. For example, my vet asks me for nutrition advice for his own dog (my degree is in animal nutrition). 

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    As part of Experience Knowledge they do.

    Some, are susceptible to Bribes, (Feed gifts for their pets).

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    Techs should not be recommending feed, that is the job of the vet

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