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How long should I wait for a doctor's phone consultation? When can I say forget it and go on with my day without getting billed?

I am dealing with a specialist that I must consult with via phone because of the Covid impact. Last time he took an hour and a half to call me. I let it go because his receptionist was polite enough to call in the midst of my wait to tell me he's running 30 minutes behind. This time I waited 20 minutes without a call from anyone. When a different receptionist did call she knew nothing about the reason for our consult and was asking me what it was for. I said ' I don't know, you're supposed to tell me! Isn't it in my file?' I was getting impatient (excuse the pun) because I was waiting for 20 minutes and had to cut another call short to answer this one. I tried to explain to her why I thought she was calling me but she kept asking 'What can we do for you today'. I was thinking that she's the receptionist, so she can't really do much. I finally said 'I don't have time to instruct you on what you need to do. So once the doctor's ready, he can call me. Good day'. Then I hung up. 

I suppose there us no protocol on phone consults so I'll probably get billed. But I'm frustrated at the disorganization of it all. I realise he's a doctor and I should respect him because he went to school a long time and his time is, apparently, worth more than mine, but getting the receptionist to call to find out the reason for his call is really annoying.

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    Given many medical appointments are now happening over the telephone and we are in the new norm collectively, patience and perseverance is required by everyone.  To help ease your frustration, have a conversation with the Practice Manager to get an average wait time so you can better know what to expect.  Also, have a chat with your GP and understand that some telephone consultations, as per in-person consultations, take longer than others.

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    i would just be patient, he might be busy with other callers

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    Emergencies happen, and that puts Drs behind schedule, sometimes a patient needs more time than allotted and the DR takes care of that patient.  You need to understand this and accept it and yes be patient.  At some point in the past or the future you were the patient who took more time and put others behind, 

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