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Will it cause issues for my personal injury case if I ask my doctors about their notes?

I'm a petite 28 year old female that was injured during a head on collision on the freeway a year ago. A reckless driver drifted out of his lane causing a multi car accident and the only thing that stopped him was the final impact of crashing directly into the front of my vehicle where I was sitting in the drivers seat.

This accident wreaked havoc on my body. I have a cervical herniated disc, nerve impingement, tingling and numbness in my fingers, I now need to wear glasses as well. I have problems with memory and cant focus and severe depression and life ending thoughts. 

I never had chronic pain before this accident in the places that I do now. Neck, back, arms, hand etc. Of course like everyone else I've had aches and pains and occasional back pain, not chronic just pain from shoes ive worn etc.

I got a steroid injection in my neck, physical therapy, and I've gotten meds for my concussion.

My lawyer keeps telling me that all the things I've done are "useless" unless my doctors wrote that their opinion is that the treatments I got are related to my car accident. 

I didnt tell them to write that. However I would think that it would be understood. I've told them I was in a car accident, I wrote that on my intake paperwork everywhere that I've gone. How else would I get a herniated cervical disc, pinched nerve, chronic nausea, vision loss, chronic neck and back pain. Do I ask the doctors if they wrote it down, why wouldn't they?


I didn't want to tell the doctors what to write (not that they'd listen to me). Yet it amazes me that it's even a possibility that they wouldn't connect my injuries and complaints to my car accident. If they didn't I will lose my case, should I tell them this is important for my personal injury case? My injuries have been confirmed by MRI, my accident is well documented, yet I feel like I have to tip toe around everything as if I'm being judged

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