How to stop wet dreams For girls?

I listen to a podcast called My Brother My Brother and Me and last night I had a wet dream involving the brothers. They kidnapped me but I don’t want to be weird. This is the second one I’ve had about them but the first one that was uncomfortably sexy. How do I make them stop? 

Also PLEASE DO NOT TELL THEM, I know the brothers use this site but it will shame me if they know I have a crush.


Only Justin and Griffin were in it as well as my boyfriend, does this mean anything?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    If you're a teen, it's par for the course!  Take it with a grain of salt, and a little humor and don't worry about it.  You are so young, and Life is so new to you.  You ask how you make them stop.  The more you focus on them, or worry about them, the more brain power you give to them  It's best to just accept the fact that you are growing up and now you have to deal with bursts of hormones!  By not giving energy to these dreams these dreams tend to lessen with time, except with the hormone boost.

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